Booking Policy

Payment must be made before each lesson, road test or selected package.

Late Cancellation / No-Show Policy

1. Scheduled lessons may be changed (time and/or place) by notifying Cornerstone Driving Academy      of the intended change at least 48 hours in advance of the lesson.

2. If student cancels late (less than 48 hour notice) for a scheduled lesson, then the student will, at        our discretion, be charged $20.

3. If student does not show up without any notice or wish to change schedule when the instructor is        already at the pick-up location, $40 will be charged, at our discretion.

Note: The reason for these fees is due to the loss of earning to the school and the instructor, as the lost time could have been better spent in the training of another student.

Refund Policy

Student can receive a refund of any unused lessons of their package.
(Note: Previously taught lessons will be charged at the single lesson rate)